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Heritage at All Saints' Church Pontefract

The Bells
Details and History

A Short History of Bells at Pontefract All Saints'
1598 There may have been as many as 12 bells in the Tower.
1837 George Fox records a bell in his manuscript "History of Pontefract"
Ornaments on the bell
1863 6 Bells were installed.
19th April 1892 The Annual Vestry meeting records a letter from the ringers "calling attention to the state of the bells"
31st January 1905 A Faculty for 2 new trebles and recast tenor was granted.
11th April 1905 7:30 pm. Rededication service for the new bells.
The cost of the works was 349 Pounds, 12 shillings and 4 pence
The Offertory given was 4 Pounds 10 Shillings.
The note and weights of the new bells
The Inscriptions of the new bells
The sizes of the new bells
March 1993 New ropes fitted
2005 Celebration 100 years of 8 bells